10 Cool Ideas for Repurposing Old Ladders

Ladders are good to have if you’re trying to reach something up high, but they can also be put to other, more creative uses. In this post, we have rounded up 10 creative ideas to use vintage ladders as part of your home decor. Get inspired by the adorable ideas below!

1. Ladder Towel Holder

Use an old wooden ladder to store bath towels and other things.

via Nice Space

2. Ladder Chandelier

Create a chandelier

via Unskinny Boppy

3. Ladder Converted Into a Bookshelf

Turn an Old Ladder Into Bookshelf

via Casa Haus

4. Leaning Ladder Shoe Rack

Lean an old wooden ladder against the wall to use as a shoe rack

via The Nest

5. An Old Ladder Re-purposed as a Bed Canopy

Old Ladder Canopy

via Chipping with Charm

6. Ladder Pot Rack

an old ladder can be suspended from the ceiling to make an interesting pot rack

via Living the Country Life

7. Step Ladder as Bedside Table

Short ladders can work as nightstands

via Embrace the Adventure

8. Ladder Magazine Rack

Old ladder turned into magazine rack

via Simply Grove

9. Ladder Photo Holder

Display your photos on a ladder with twine and clothespins

via Daisy Mae Belle

10. Ladder Garden

Old ladders are also perfect spots for plants

via Apartment Therapy

10 Cool Ideas for Repurposing Old Ladders

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