Creative DIY Clothes Drying Racks

Creative DIY Clothes Drying Racks

Do you have a tiny laundry room and lack a place to hang clothes to dry? A drying rack is what you need. Even though there are plenty of pre-made solutions, it isn’t hard to make your own. Here are some creative clothes drying racks that look great and are budget-friendly.

1. DIY Star Clothes Drying Rack

Star Clothes Drying Rack

Make a beautiful star shaped clothes drying rack that magically expands and folds into a tiny footprint! (Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow)

2. Foldable Drying Rack

Foldable Drying Rack

This DIY foldable drying rack is a great space saver for small apartments. It is easier than it looks, works really well, and looks great. (Tutorial via Gem & Em)

3. Ladder Laundry Rack

Ladder Laundry Rack

Here’s great idea to repurpose your old ladder as a drying rack. Just give it a coat of paint in your favorite color and hang it from your ceiling. (Tutorial via Little Lucy Lu)

4. Wall Mount Drying Rack

Wall Mount Drying Rack

You can easily pull laundry drying rack out when you need to dry clothes or simply fold it up against the wall when it’s not in use. (Tutorial via Two It Yourself)

5. Built-In Laundry Drying Racks

Built-in Laundry Drying Racks

Save space in your laundry room by building this built-in drying rack using PVC piping and drawer slides. (Tutorial via Me and My DIY)

6. Drop-Down Rack

Drop-Down Rack

This is the perfect solution for drying all of your delicates! (Tutorial via Centsational Girl)

7. Repurposed Crib Drying Rack

Repurposed Crib Drying Rack

Wondering what to do with an old baby crib? An easy way to reuse old crib is to use it as a drying rack for your laundry. (Tutorial via You Can Call Me Gwen)

8. PVC Pipe Drying Rack

PVC Pipe Drying Rack

This PVC pipe drying rack is the perfect place to hang and dry the towels. (Tutorial via Frugal Village)

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