12 Amazing DIY Tower Garden Ideas

12 Amazing DIY Tower Garden Ideas

The tower garden is a vertical garden that allows you to growth vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in a limited amount of space. The tower garden is also ideal for older adults, because members can easily access the garden by standing. Here we present you a collection of gorgeous and space-saving garden tower ideas that would add an interesting touch to any garden, patio, porch or deck.

1. Flower Tower out of Stacked Pots

Flower Tower out of Stacked Pots

(Tutorial via The Kim Six Fix)

2. Galvanized Tipsy Pots

Galvanized Tipsy Pots

(Image via Flea Market Gardening)

3. Vertical Claypot Tower

Vertical Claypot Tower

(Tutorial via Dengarden)

4. Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

(Tutorial via Remove and Replace)

5. Strawberry Tower with Reservoir

Strawberry Tower with Reservoir

(Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow)

6. Mini Aquaponics Tower Garden

Mini Aquaponics Tower Garden

(Tutorial via Mediamatic)

7. DIY Garden Planter and Birds Bath

Garden Planter and Birds Bath

(Tutorial via Home Stories A to Z)

8. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

(Image via 99pallets)

9. PVC Tower Garden

PVC Tower Garden

(Tutorial via Gridlock Gardening)

10. Spiral Tower Garden

Spiral Tower Garden

(Tutorial via The Micro Gardener)

11. Bottle Tower Garden

Bottle Tower Garden

(Tutorial via Container Gardening)

12. DIY Homegrown Strawberry Tower

Homegrown Strawberry Tower

(Tutorial via Zest it Up)

These are all so unique and fun! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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