16 Amazing Things You Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

9. Cardboard Vase

Cardboard Vase

Make a stunning shape of vase using a CD and a piece of cardboard. (Tutorial via Made by Lakshmi)

10. Cardboard Pinecone

Cardboard Pinecone

Turn humble, corrugated cardboard into beautiful and richly textured pinecones. Perfect addition to your Fall/Autumn decor. (Tutorial via Crafts’n Coffee)

11. Cardboard Cat Bed

Cardboard Cat Bed

Turn some leftover cardboard into a cozy little cottage for your cat. (Tutorial via Instructables)

12. Cardboard Pirate Ship

Cardboard Pirate Ship

Make a pirate ship out of cardboard for your child. Let them sail the open seas safely in your living room or outdoors! (Tutorial via Molly Moo Crafts)

13. Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post

Is your cat constantly sharpens its claws everywhere? Make him a scratching post using cardboard strips. (Tutorial via Maison Kuotidien)

14. iPad Case

iPad Case

Make this beautiful iPad case out of a cardboard box and an old piece of clothing. (Tutorial via Make Life Lovely)

15. Cardboard Shelf

Cardboard Shelf

Make this easy upcycled trinket shelf to stash all your kiddo’s favorite treasures. (Tutorial via The Southern Institute)

16. Headboard


Use cardboard and some fabric to create a great new headboard that brings life to your room. (Tutorial via Stars for Streetlights)

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