16 Amazing Things You Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

16 Amazing Things You Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

Use your cardboard boxes for something else than for packing old stuff that you don’t need anymore!

Cardboard is a great material to work with because it’s easy to cut and is very light. You can reuse cardboard to create great projects such as vases, shoe racks, drawer dividers and more.

Here are 16 creative things you can make yourself using the boxes you no longer need.

1. Geometric Shoe Rack

Geometric Shoe Rack

Create this super space saving and surprisingly sturdy DIY shoe rack to make your living space free from the clutter of shoes lying here and there. (Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow)

2. Underwear Drawer Organizer

Underwear Drawer Organizer

Make cardboard dividers to separate the items inside your drawers. (Tutorial via Adventures of a Creativeg Girl)

3. Multipurpose Cardboard Stand

Multipurpose Cardboard Stand

Hold up your tablet, cellphone, magazines and much more with this quick and easy to make recycled cardboard stand! (Tutorial via Instructables)

4. Cardboard Pie Box

Cardboard Pie Box

Create a custom pie box to transport your pies safely. (Tutorial via A Joyful Riot)

5. Multipurpose Bed Table

Multipurpose Bed Table

Perfect for a dorm room! (Tutorial via Instructables)

6. Cardboard Bear Desk Organizer

Cardboard Bear Desk Organizer

Quick and easy organizer to hold your craft tape, pencils, rubber bands or paperclips. (Tutorial via The Cardboard Collective)

7. Triangle Bookends

Triangle Bookends

Cardboard + contact paper = some pretty cute modern bookends. (Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect)

8. Birthday Party Box

Birthday Party Box

Turn your cardboard box into a pretty party box with some washi tape, twine and a button. (Tutorial via La Creature and You)

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