18 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

18 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

If you are new to sewing and don’t know quite where to start, or maybe you need some new projects to work on in the evenings, then this post is for you. We’ve created a list of a bunch of free simple sewing projects that both beginners and novices alike can make.

1. Jewelry Travel Organizer

Jewelry Travel Organizer

Keep your jewelry organized, accessible and tangle-free with this stylish storage solution. (Tutorial via The Homesteady)

2. Zip Pouch

Zip Pouch

Sew a basic zip pouch from two supplies – canvas and a metal zipper. (Tutorial via Black Walnut Stitch)

3. Tiny Flower Pot Cozy

Tiny Succulent Flower Pot Cozy

Make these adorable, colorful, double sided fabric “sleeves” to cover plastic pots succulents. (Tutorial via Sotak Handmade)

4. Utensil Case

Utensil Case

Roll it up and you’re ready to go. Make lunchtime eco-friendly with this DIY silverware carrier. (Tutorial via We Can Make Anything)

5. Laptop Cover

Laptop Cover

Make an on-trend, satchel inspired laptop cover! Looks great & will protect your tech from damage. (Tutorial via The Crafty Gentleman)

6. Fabric Caddy/Bin

fabric caddy

This simple beginner sewing project allows you to make these pretty containers in any size. The hardest part is choosing the fabrics! (Tutorial via Garden Matter)

7. Mesh Beachcombing Bag

Mesh Beachcombing Bag

Sew a cinch bag perfect for beach toys and shells. (Tutorial via Lindsey Crafter)

8. Gardening Apron

Gardening Apron

Make your own gardening apron with handy pockets for keeping tools and supplies at your fingertips. (Tutorial via Satori Design For Living)

9. Fabric Clothespin Bag

Fabric Clothespin Bag

Sew your own self-lined fabric clothespin holder and hang your laundry outside in style! (Tutorial via Dans Lelake House)

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