15 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects You Can Build at Home

If you want to fill your outdoor space with a functional and beautiful bench, then you should check out these awesome bench projects that we’ve collected for you!

15 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects You Can Build at Home

Making your own furniture requires some work, but the results are truly your own, and you can customize your piece to fit your specific needs. A bench can be constructed out of nearly any material. In this post you will see 15 DIY outdoor bench ideas that are made from wood, cinderblocks, and even crates.

1. Williams Sonoma Inspired DIY Outdoor Bench

Modern Outdoor Bench

Use $35 in wood and supplies to make this perfectly modern DIY outdoor bench that looks like a $1,300 Williams Sonoma find. No nails or screws required! (Instructions: DIY Candy)

2. Live-Edge Bench

Live-Edge Bench

This live edge bench will be the topic of conversation at any gathering. (Instructions: Saltbush Avenue)

3. West Elm Inspired Bench

West Elm Inspired Bench

If you love West Elm style but not their price tag, then this project is for you! (Instructions: Home Made by Carmona)

4. X-Leg Wooden Bench

X-Leg Wooden Bench

This backyard bench is the perfect building project for those with limited space. This bench doubles as a storage space with nifty crates placed underneath. (Instructions: The Kim Six Fix)

5. Bench From an Old Headboard

Bench From an Old Headboard

Build a fantastic bench for your porch using an old headboard, reclaimed lumber, and paint! (Instructions: Designs by Studio C)

6. Oudoor Pallet Bench

Oudoor Pallet Bench

Without much hassle you can build this easy DIY pallet bench which will make time spent outdoors even more pleasant. (Instructions: R.K. Black)

7. Crate Bench

Crate Bench

You can also build a bench from crates like above. You’ll need three larger crates, lumber for a base and top, and legs. (Instructions: Operation Home)

8. Cinder Block Garden Bench

Cinder Block Garden Bench

Make this beautiful bench using only cinder blocks and lumber. This outdoor furniture is very easy and quick to make, and will cost you less than $30! (Instructions: Somewhat Simple)

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