12 Amazing Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

If you live in an apartment and do not own a balcony or garden where you can grow some plants, or you just want to add some greenery to your home, then planting an herb garden is a solution for you.

Having your own herb garden is not only healthier for you and your family, it saves you money and time from going to grocery store.

12 Amazing Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

To help you plant your new herb garden in style, check out these 12 awesome DIY indoor herb garden ideas that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are useful and easy to maintain.

1. DIY Pallet Herb Garden

Pallet Herb Garden

Great pallet project that anyone can build with common hand tools. Easy to maintain, and beautiful as well! (Tutorial: The Brew)

2. Hanging Buckets

Vertical Hanging Buckets

This indoor vertical garden is built using only four basic materials: a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and some pretty tin buckets. (Tutorial: Room 6 Design)

3. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Wall Planter

Affix mason jars to the board with pipe clamps, and fill them with your favorite herbs and other plants to create a cute little indoor garden. (Tutorial: Camille Styles)

4. Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

Turn an ordinary over-the-door hanging shoe rack into an herb garden. Each pocket will easily support one plant, enabling you to grow a dozen herbs, flowers or vegetable plants in very little space. (Tutorial: Pretty Plain Janes)

5. Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Build this hanging herb garden in your kitchen window with wooden rods and curtain rings. (Tutorial: The Bird and Her Song)

6. Vertical Garden

Vertical Plant Hanger

Using salvaged wood, threaded rods and bolts, and a handful of mason jars, you can construct a simple vertical garden like this one. (Tutorial: Susie Frazier)

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