16 DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

16 DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little DIY and cheap supplies from the dollar store, you can create elegant and attractive items for your home, all for just a few dollars each!

To get some inspiration, check out this roundup of really awesome dollar store decor ideas that will instantly add more charm to your home.

1. Japanese Lantern

Japanese Lantern

Manila folders + chopsticks = modern lamp. (Tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts)

2. Plastic Elephant Book Ends

Plastic Elephant Book Ends

Turn plastic dollar store toys into sophisticated and adorable book ends. (Tutorial via Love Grows Wild)

3. DIY Greenhouse Terrarium Using Picture Frames

Greenhouse Terrarium using Picture Frames

Build this green house terrarium out of picture frames, hot glue, and white duct tape. (Tutorial via The Wicker House)

4. The Beaded Chandelier

The Beaded Chandelier

All you need to make this chandelier is mardi gras beads and some wire. (Tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts)

5. Dollar Store Ombre Vases

Dollar Store Ombre Vases

Give an inexpensive dollar store glass vases a makeover with an ombre paint treatment. (Tutorial via Living Well Spending Less)

6. DIY Serving Tray

serving tray

Make your own beautiful tray for your coffee table using a frame and a place mat from the dollar store. (Tutorial via Cutefetti)

7. Mirror Boxes

Mirror Boxes

Grab some mirror squares from the dollar store and glue them together. You can use these mirror boxes as organizers, vases, or jewelry holders. (Tutorial via Hi Sugarplum)

8. DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Gold Leaf Vase

This vase would be a great way to add a little pop of gold into your home. (Tutorial via The Creativity Exchange)

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  1. Lillie Colvin

    I love the DIYs special the ones with the Dollar Tree products the only thing that I don’t like it really don’t explain how these items are made to a newcomer to crafty

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