15 DIY Storage Ideas That Will De-Clutter Your Life

15 DIY Storage Ideas That Will De-Clutter Your Life

If you live in a small house or a tiny apartment, finding a place to store all your stuff can be hard. But with just the right storage ideas, you can almost always figure out a way to keep things organized and clutter free. Here’s a list of brilliant and cost efficient storage ideas that you can do yourself.

1. Copper & Denim DIY Organizer

Copper and Denim DIY Organizer

Use old tin cans and scraps of old jeans to make this cool DIY organizer that looks like you purchased it right out of an expensive catalog. (Tutorial: Pillar Box Blue)

2. Table Runner Bathroom Organizer

Table Runner Bathroom Organizer

This cute organizer is super easy to make and can hold anything you need in the bathroom, such as magazines or extra toilet paper. (Tutorial: Dollar Store Crafts)

3. DIY Ikea Placemat Jewelry Organizer

Ikea Placemat Jewelry Organizer

Need a quick, easy, and cheap solution to organize and store your jewelry? Turn a cork placemat from IKEA into this jewelry holder in under 10 minutes! (Tutorial: Hip Hip Home)

4. Pallet Coffee Mug Hanger

Pallet Coffee Mug Hanger

Make this cute pallet wall art that doubles as a mug hanger to help decorate and organize your coffee bar. (Tutorial: Morena’s Corner)

5. Sofa Pocket Organizer

Sofa Pocket Organizer

Keep everything – the remote control, the magazine, the reading glasses, and the telephone close at-hand with this pochet organizer. (Tutorial: Art Gallery Fabrics)

6. Denim Organizer

Denim Organizer

Upcycle some old jeans into useful and stylish storage. Perfect for smaller toys, office supplies, and anything else that might be cluttering your space. (Tutorial: Blue i Style)

7. Fabric Storage Baskets

Fabric Storage Baskets

These are great for storing your handmade cards, tag albums or washi tapes. (Tutorial: Minki’s Work Table)

8. Grocery Bag Container

Grocery Bag Container

Reuse your old wipe containers by decorating the outside of the container and then refill with plastic bags from the grocery store. (Tutorial: Tatertots & Jello)

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