17 Amazing Things You Can Make with Plywood

10. World Map Art

World Map Art

Add personality to your wall with this plywood world map art. (Tutorial: Sisters, What!)

11. Dining Table

Dining Table

Make this eye-catching dinning table that seats six from a single sheet of plywood. (Tutorial: Boxy Colonial)

12. Plywood Coffee Table

Plywood Coffee Table

Upgrade your living room with a sleek modern coffee table with built-in storage space for magazines and news papers. (Tutorial: Idle Hands Awake)

13. Stacked Plywood Bench

Stacked Plywood Bench

This clean and modern bench with hairpin legs is perfect for the front hallway or the foot of a bed. (Tutorial: Vintage Revivals)

14. Hexagonal Trivets

Hexagonal Trivets

These geometric trivets will not only look good on your table, they will also help protect it from hot pots. (Tutorial: The Felted Fox)

15. Anthro Inspired Lotus Mirror

Anthro Inspired Lotus Mirror

This stunning mirror makes a bold style statement wherever you place it in your home. (Tutorial: Bigger Than the Three of Us)

16. Geometric Planters

Geometric Planters

Plywood and cable ties are all you need to make these pretty geometric planters. You can also use them as pencil holder or small container. (Tutorial: Dream a Little Bigger)

17. Candle Holders

Scrap Plywood Candle Holders

This is a great idea to use scrap plywood. (Tutorial: The Hosue of Wood)

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