20 Creative Pallet Projects You Should Try

20 Creative Pallet Projects You Should Try

In my opinion, pallet projects are something that should be on the to-do list of every crafter out there. Pallets are extremely versatile, flexible, durable and easy to work with. You can create just about anything with pallets – garden benches, coffee tables or planters. And, they’re very cheap. In fact, some companies give them away just to be rid of them!

Whether you are a DIY expert or just a beginner, here are 20 awesome DIY pallet projects you should try this season!

1. Pallet Swing Bed

Pallet Swing Bed

This pallet swing bed is perfect for lazy summer days or relaxing in the evening. (DIY instructions: The Merrythought)

2. Pallet Wood Bench

Pallet Wood Bench

Add extra seating to your outdoor space with this beautiful DIY outdoor bench. (DIY instructions: Upcycled Ugly)

3. A Little Walkway Out Of Pallet Boards

A Little Walkway Out Of Pallet Boards

Use reclaimed pallet boards to create a new walkway in the garden. (More details at Funky Junk Interiors)

4. Colorful Pallet Coat Rack

Colorful Pallet Coat Rack

This colorful coat rack would make your hallway decor more cool and fun. (DIY instructions: Marieatousprix)

5. Pallet Nightstand

Pallet Nightstand

This pallet nightstand will give a warm, cosy, charming and more personal touch to your bedroom. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

6. Pallet Kitchen Island

Pallet Kitchen Island

Great rustic piece of furniture that will fit into any kitchen. (More details at Beyond The Picket Fence)

7. Install A Pallet Wall

Install A Pallet Wall

If you want to give a room a rustic edge, a DIY pallet wall might be your jam. (DIY instructions: Addicted 2 DIY)

8. Pallet Headboard

Pallet Headboard

Create your own pallet headboard and give character to your whole room. (DIY instructions: RICE Designs)

9. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

Do you want to add some vintage charm to your living room? This simple-styled pallet coffee table could fulfill your wish. (DIY instructions: The Wonder Forest)

10. Pallet Wood Candle Sconces

Pallet Wood Candle Sconces

Spruce up a blank wall with these easy candle sconces. (DIY instructions: Amanda Katherine)

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