12 Comfy & Stylish Dog Beds You Can Make Yourself

7. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Wine Barrel Dog Bed

This dog bed is made from a repurposed wine barrel. It’s strong and sturdy, perfect for your playful pet. (Tutorial via The Gilded Horn)

8. Pet Bed from an Old Sweater

Pet Bed from an Old Sweater

If you have an old sweater that you don’t wear anymore, you can turn it into a comfy pet bed like this one here. (Tutorial via Handimania)

9. Repurposed Crib Dog Crate

Repurposed Crib Dog Crate

This one is fantastic, especially if you have a big dog, and an old crib hanging out in the garage or basement. (Tutorial via My Repurposed Life)

10. Plywood End Table Dog Bed

Plywood End Table Dog Bed​

A stylish end table and dog bed all in one. (Tutorial via DIY Network)

11. No Sew Blue Jeans Dog Bed

No Sew Blue Jeans Dog Bed

Make a no-sew lap dog bed/pillow so that he or she can always sit on your lap, even when you are not there! (Tutorial via Instructables)

12. Drawer Dog Beds

drawer dog beds

Turn an old drawer into a new bed for your dog! Simply paint your old drawer in a colour of your choice, add in a pillow with a layer of burlap overtop and you’re done. (Tutorial via Liz Marie Blog)

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  1. Mic Lunar

    WOW, each DIY dog beds are looking great. Never imagined using a tire it’s possible to make a dog bed. Creative works indeed.

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