18 DIY Clothing Refashion Ideas with Tutorials

18 DIY Clothing Refashion Ideas with Tutorials

Don’t throw away all your old, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes! There are tons of creative ways to transform your old clothes into brilliantly new versions that you will like wearing even more. Nothing that can be recycled or upcycled should be going into landfill!

Here are 18 of the best and most ingenious clothing refashion ideas with links to the step-by-step instructions.

1. Floral Photo Transfer Shorts

Floral Photo Transfer Shorts

Add a modern-boho look to your favorite summer cutoffs with this super easy floral photo transfer DIY. (Tutorial via Jojotastic)

2. No-Sew Tassel Tee

No-Sew Tassel Tee

Give a boring plain tee a sassy summer update using tassels. No sewing machine required! (Tutorial via Pretty Life Girls)

3. Macrame T-Shirt

Macrame T Shirt

Transform a mens undershirt into a cute beach cover up. (Tutorial via Gina Michele)

4. Custom Summer Shoes Embroidery

Custom Summer Shoes Embroidery

Dress up a pair of inexpensive flat shoes with embroidery floss to make your very own custom summer shoes. (Tutorial via Petit Bout de Chou)

5. Splatter Paint Jeans

Splatter Paint Jeans

Jazz up your jeans by giving them some color with cheap and easy supplies. (Tutorial via Damask Love)

6. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Refashion an old sweater into a bomber jacket. (Tutorial via Look What I Made)

7. Skirt with Bow

Skirt with Bow

Turn an old t-shirt into a lovely skirt with a fancy bow in merely 8 seconds! (Tutorial via Our Life is Beautiful)

8. Faux Flower Coat

Faux Flower Coat

A hot glue gun + dollar store flowers is all you need for this baby. (Tutorial via Studio DIY)

9. Sequin Heart Patches

Sequin Heart Patches

Refresh an old spring sweater with pretty sparkly sequin patches! (Tutorial via Gold Standard Workshop)

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