14 Denim Home Decor Projects

Do you have a pile of old jeans you don’t know what to do with? Instead of throwing them into the recycling bin, give them new life by turning them into gorgeous home decor pieces. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite denim projects to give you some inspiration. Hope you enjoy them!

1. DIY Recycled Woven Denim Basket from Ohoh Deco

Denim Basket

2. No-Sew Denim Wall Storage from Redo it Yourself Inspirations

No-Sew Denim Wall Storage


3. DIY Denim Pouf from Michele Made Me

Denim Pouf


4. DIY Knotted Denim Rug from Eclectic Me

Knotted Denim Rug


5. Denim Hanging Mason Jar Vase from Pillar Box Blue

Denim Hanging Mason Jar Vase


6. Pillow with Pocket from FeltMagnet

Pillow with Pocket

7. Denim Curtains from Vicky Myers Creations

Denim Curtains


8. Denim Wreath from A Fish Who Likes Flowers

Denim Wreath


9. DIY Denim Canvas Art from A Beautiful Mess

Denim Canvas Art


10. Denim Place Mats from Creatively Sam’s


11. Denim Photo Frame from PerlillaPets

Denim Photo Frame


12. Denim Napkins from The Pocket Stylist

Denim Napkins


13. Denim Quilt from Nancy’s Couture

Denim Quilt


14. Rolled-Jean Coasters from My Recycled Bags

Rolled-Jean Coasters

What do you think of these DIY denim projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

14 Denim Home Decor Projects

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