12 Cool Things You Can Make from Wine Bottles

Wondering what to do with all those empty wine bottles from last night’s dinner party? Instead of throwing them away, you can transform them into useful, decorative objects for your home. Below, we’ve rounded up some projects to make the most out of all your empty bottles.

1. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Use cut wine bottles and Mod Podge Sheer Colors to make this beautiful and unique wine bottle chandelier. (Tutorial via Mod Podge Rocks)

2. Wine Bottle Vases

Wine Bottle Vases

These DIY wine bottle vases are easy to make with glue and twine and are a great house warming gift! (Tutorial via Cucicucicoo)

3. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Use leftover wood scraps to make this easy wine bottle bird feeder for FREE, or very inexpensively even if you purchase the wood. (Tutorial via Rogue Engineer)

4. Wine Bottle Dishsoap Dispenser

Wine Bottle Dishsoap Dispenser

Tired of your ugly plastic store bought soap dispenser? Make a pretty glass one using a wine bottle. (Tutorial via Mom 4 Real)

5. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Display your favorite photos in a decorative bottle adorned with seashells, beach sand and trinkets. (Tutorial via DIY Network)

6. Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles

Keep your decks and patios bug free by making your own citronella candles. (Tutorial via Hello Glow)

7. Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine Bottle Lamp

Drill a hole, insert a strand of lights and you have your very own wine bottle table lamp. (Tutorial via Handycrowd)

8. Rainbow Lanterns

Wine Bottle Lanterns

Create these rainbow candle wind-guards to prevent the wind from blowing out your candles. (Tutorial via Saved by Love Creations)

9. Wine Bottle Wall Vase

Wine Bottle Wall Vase

Turn an ordinary wine bottle into this amazing vase to hang on the wall. It looks simple, yet beautiful. (Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic)

10. Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder

wine bottle jewelry holder

Give your room an awesome look by reusing your wine bottles as jewelry stands. (Source not found)

11. Wine Bottle Topiary

Wine Bottle Topiary

This centerpiece is sure to liven up any spring table. (Tutorial via FaveCrafts)

12. Modern Herb Garden

Modern Herb Garden

The entire DIY project can be made for less than $30 and it’s a great option for urban gardeners who lack space for a full container system. (Tutorial via Inhabitat)

12 Cool Things You Can Make from Wine Bottles

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